Air Conditioning

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You can afford to get air conditioning whether you live in a single-family home or an apartment. Here are some options for you to choose from.

If your home does not have ducting, opt for a high-velocity air conditioner that has its tiny vents that run through the narrowest spaces. The vents run between your walls or attic and do not disrupt your home’s decor. The unit’s condenser sits outside your home and gives you the coolest air all summer long.

If you have a boiler, this type of unit is perfect. The air conditioner runs quietly, so you barely know it is running. The unit itself runs so quietly that you would never know it was on if it were not for the cool air. The unit’s cooling coils also work to lower humidity in the home which lessens the load on the air conditioner. That helps you to save money on your AC bills.

Ask your air conditioning professional about a new system from SpacePak. This unit works with an aspiration system that allows air to flow in every room without any drafts.

You will often have to have this unit installed in the attic. It is installed using piping that stays hidden. The unit will give consistent cool air no matter how hot it is outside.

SpacePak systems work best with homes that do have boilers. They do not take up floor space and like the one mentioned before the condenser unit gets installed outside. This AC also operates quietly and offers the ability to dehumidify the home to keep it comfortable and cool.

Mini-Split systems are another option to consider. One of the top brands, Fujitsu, works for homes with boilers. It is ideal because installation requires no disruption at all.

air conditioning It is a split system meaning that it can be used for heating and cooling all year long. Any split system is easy to install and will fit in just about any space as it is compact.

Its size makes it perfect for homes or apartments alike. You can also use it in an add-on to supplement existing central air conditioning in the rest of the house.

It fits wherever any wall unit would fit. These units are easy to operate and often can be controlled with multiple remote control devices.

The benefit of split systems is able to connect more than one indoor unit to a single outdoor condenser. You can still have a separate thermostat for each on any floor of the home.

If you are suffering from stifling heat in an apartment, your best option may not be a window unit. Instead, consider a portable AC unit. These sit on the floor and must be positioned near a window. The hose carries air inside and out and keeps small spaces thoroughly cool. The best part is you can take the unit with you when you need to move to your next apartment.

Contact your HVAC professional today. You can discuss which option is best for your home.