Cleaning Up After Your Pets

No matter what kind of pet you have, it is imperative that you understand the responsibility involved. Pets are lots of fun and very rewarding; however, there is work involved. When you have a pet, you must provide for it with high-quality food, fresh water, ample space to live and play, the right amount of socialisation for the type of animal and a clean environment.

Every kind of pet needs to be cleaned up after for the health of the pet, the cleanliness of your home, including making sure the carpets are clean and as a way of showing respect and consideration for others.

If you have a small pet like a hermit crab, frog, turtle or fish, you must clean the terrarium or aquarium on a regular basis to keep your pet healthy and avoid unpleasant odours in your home. With these kinds of pets, you must be very careful to avoid over-feeding. If food is left over after 15 or 20  minutes have passed, you must remove it so it doesn’t spoil. Be sure to clean up waste from the floor of your pet’s environment and change any filtration medium on a regular basis.

If you have a cat or other animal that uses a litter box, you must scoop the box daily and change the litter completely at least once a week.

Additionally, if your cat tends to tear up cardboard, toilet paper or other items, you must be careful to keep these things out of reach and pick up right away if your pet makes a mess. Prevent your cat from doing damage by providing a good scratching post and encouraging him or her to use it instead of furniture for nail sharpening. Putting catnip on and around the post will help with this.

If you have dogs, the smartest thing to do is provide intelligent crate training early on torabbit, cat dog and 2 yellow birds help with house training. Be sure to read up on this thoroughly so that you understand the concepts of crate training. It is important that it never be used as punishment, but only as a training tool. When your dog is outside, you should keep him or her on a leash or otherwise contained at all times to avoid problems.

When your dog relieves itself, be sure to pick up after it no matter where you are. If your yard is littered with dog droppings, it is unsightly, unhealthy and disrespectful to your neighbours. If you allow your dog to run around loose and defile other people’s property, you are just asking for trouble.

If you have a larger pet such as a horse, donkey, goat or other farm type animal, be sure to provide ample living quarters and keep them clean. This will help prevent hoof problems and reduce fly infestation.

Having a pet is a wonderful thing. Remember that your pet depends upon you to care for it properly, and so do the people around you. Be a responsible pet owner by providing well for your pet and always cleaning up after him or her.

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