Dry Carpet Cleaning Versus Steam Carpet Cleaning

One thing to remember about steam carpet cleaning is not exactly chemical-free cleaning. While many proponents of dry cleaning will claim otherwise, the fact is steam cleaning does require the use of chemicals to get the job done. While the bulk of steam carpet cleaning is accomplished through hot water heated up into solid steam, the machine is still spraying detergent onto the carpet, which is activated by the hot water, enabling it to clean the carpets. While the only truly chemical-free method of is vacuuming, different services also offer both dry and steam carpet cleaning that is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic or free of dyes and artificial scents for customers with sensitivities to such things.

Waiting for carpets to be useful again is another factor that influences the decisions of customers. Dry carpet cleaning can involve dry chemical compounds and clean solvents. When these chemicals are placed on a carpet, they tend to destroy soil, allergens, and some other pollutants that can get caught up in carpets. Once this is done, and the carpet cleaningcleaning is complete, the flooring can be used again almost instantly. This is not true with steam carpet cleaning, which can take a while to dry out enough for use. Using professional steam carpet cleaning equipment can reduce this time, but in the end, even the best steam carpet cleaning job requires more time to be ready for use again than even a nonprofessional dry carpet cleaning job.

Doing the job yourself can also be problematic. A steam cleaning job requires a rented machine, detergent and a steady supply of hot water. From there, you can easily do the carpet cleaning yourself if you so desire. With this in mind, it will be another 12 to 24 hours before you can walk on your carpets again after cleaning them. Hiring a professional or getting a professional grade machine can cut back on this time, but even then, the carpets will take the time to dry and you know that wet areas are favorite grounds for termites. Additionally, particularly ground in stains does tend to re-emerge after steam cleaning. Some stains can be cleaned with ease while others will reappear and may take multiple cleanings to purge properly, while others may not be removable at all through steam or dry carpet cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning is not without its perils as well. The chemicals used in that process can often be harsh and sometimes trigger problems ranging from irritation to genuine allergic reactions. If one is going to hire commercial cleaners to do dry carpet cleaning on their building, they should have a thoughtful discussion with the company about what’s going to be used to clean their carpets, as well as the kind of scents that will be left behind. That said, the right chemical agents and a good, well-done applications of those agents can be a very effective cleaning solution that will be ready to use almost as soon as it the process is over.