Shower Screens

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Choosing the right shower screen is important because it needs to fit into the overall design of the bathroom while still completing its primary function. There are some different types of modern shower screens that you should consider for your bathroom. Of course, you will need to consider the amount of space available and what you are comfortable with.

The Bypass Screens

The most commonly used shower screen is the bypass screen which is also known as the sliding screen. These screens are commonly used as they do not take up much space and they can be fitted with a range of showers or bathtubs. The design consists of two or three panels which slide past each other on a fixed track. The track is generally on the top and bottom of the shower entrance.

Pivot Screens

Pivot screens also known as swing doors are popular with larger modern showers. These screens will swing outward on one side with a fixed screen on the other side, depending on the size of the shower. For these screens to be installed the bathroom will need to be large enough to allow the door to open without hitting anything.

In many cases, pivot screens are used when the opening of the shower is too small for bypass screens. However, modern pivot screens are increasingly used for double showers to give them a cleaner and more modern look.

Round Screens

Corner shower units often have round screens to accommodate the curve of the shower opening. These screens will have a door which swings outwards with either a fixed panel on the side or a second door which can also be opening. The use of round screens will increase the size of the bathing area within the shower.

Frameless Screens

If you have a shower over your bathtub, there are a few options available regarding shower screens. One of these options is to have a frameless screen which attaches to the wall and swings open. These screens will have a fixed panel on the side closest to the wall and a panel that swings in and out attached to this.

The panel which swings will often have silicone ribbing on edge to keep water from escaping while the shower is in use. The use of these screens allows you to maximize your space and eradicates the need for a shower curtain which may allow some of the water to escape when the shower is in use.

Shower Screen Material

Almost all modern shower screens are made with glass, but the finish of the glass can vary depending on your preferences. Many modern bathrooms opt for clear glass, while others choose the more traditional frosted glass. It is also possible to get shower screens that are partially frosted.

If you are looking to add a shower screen to your bathroom, you need to consider all the modern types available. While the bypass is the most common, it may not be right for the aesthetics you are looking for. Some modern types will also need larger spaces to open correctly.