Termite Management Techniques Australia

It has been reported that termites cause more damage to property in Australia than all the other natural disaster that are faced by homeowners in the country. Also, termite infestations can drastically lower the value of a home and those wishing to sell their home may find those estate agents are reluctant to even list their properties if there is evidence of termite infestation. Consult the Gold Coast termite inspection experts today!www.thepestcompanybrisbane.com.au

This is not good news for homeowners when one considers that a home is usually the most valuable asset that they have.

However, there is good news. There terminate management are techniques that have proven highly effective in reducing the amount of damage done by termites and in many instances can eliminate the threat completely.

So for homeowners who want to deal with the termite problem – or ensure that their homes don’t suffer termite damage what the options are?

#1 Chemical Soil Treatments.

Chemical treatments are applied (or sprayed) either under the concrete slab or flooring of the home or to the soil around the property. The advantage to chemical soil treatments is that they do not have to be put in place during the construction phase of the home building process. Some physical barrier methods need to be put in place when the foundation of the home is laid. The chemicals used can either kill or deter the termites from entering the home. There are also types of chemicals that adhere to the termites and are transported back to the nest eventually killing the queen and ensuring that the nest is eliminated.

#2 Termite Baits.

Termite baits are placed at regular intervals on the perimeter of the home. These ‘bait stations’ are inserted into the ground in the path of termites heading for the home. The baits that are used in these traps inhibit termite growth and are also transported to the colony where they eventually lead to the death of all the termites. It is important that termite traps are checked regularly to ensure that bait is still present. They should be regularly refilled.Two of the most popular baits are marketed under the brand names Sentricon and Exterra.

#3 Moisture Control.

Termites require large amounts of moisture to thrive. The homeowner should ensure that all areas of the home and property are well drained and that all piping in kitchen and bathroom areas are leaking free. Adequate ventilation will also go some way to ensuring that termite infestation does not occur.

#4 Physical Termite Barriers.

One of the most effective ways to prevent termite infestation is the installation of physical barriers to prevent termites from entering the home. The physical barriers usually consist of sheeting that is placed on the slab (or in some cases during construction under the slab). These sorts of barriers can also prevent moisture from entering the home. The sheeting is also placed around exterior piping to prevent infestation.

Given the potential damage that termites can cause every Australian homeowner should take urgent steps to prevent termite damage. Once an infestation is underway, it can be costly to control. In the case of termites, prevention is better than cure.